Botox Injection Therapy

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Tension-type headaches, wherein the pain is caused by persistent and chronic muscle contraction, is effectively handled with Botox treatment by partially paralyzing the area and thereby minimizing the discomfort.

While tension and muscle-related headaches show great results with Botox therapy, it should be noted that not all headaches and migraines respond well to Botox treatment. In particular, headaches and migraines that present themselves with an aura or stabbing sensations near the eyes and cheeks show limited success with Botox therapy. One criterion is that compression headaches (which present with squeezing, crushing sensations) have a 90% response rate, while vascular headaches (which present with exploding sensations), have a response rate of less than 20%.

Although Botox treatment for migraine TMD and migraine suffers has been consistently proven to treat pain and discomfort, a nightguard or orthodontic therapy may be substituted or used in conjunction with Botox treatment.

Each case presents itself uniquely and our Hamilton dentists and staff will work with you to produce a treatment plan that addresses your specific and the locations in which they present themselves.